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July 10, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Attacks on Justice serve little purpose

It was with some amazement that I read the “Our Readers Speak” column in the July 6 edition of The Register-Herald. Both contributions were disappointing, if not downright embarrassing.

Everyone realizes that many individuals and families have not yet recovered from a natural disaster of historic proportions in parts of West Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, etc. It is indeed a tragedy that so many people have been affected and that many continue to suffer hardships. No one can deny that for most Americans being without fresh water and/or power in the modern world is a serious matter.

Having said that, it seems to serve little purpose to attack Jim Justice and The Greenbrier for, like every other individual and entity, doing all they could to have these services restored. Both they and the local population had a lot at stake.

It should be noted that restoring services was never an “either or matter” — let’s see, should The Greenbrier be accommodated first, or should everyone else? In reality, too few individuals were very much concerned with the “everyone else,” but mostly about themselves. The fact is that work began immediately to address all the problems.

Even the detractors should realize The Greenbrier has always been an asset to West Virginia. It presents the state in a positive light and enhances our too-often maligned image to the world. After having fallen on some difficult times, under the ownership and management of Mr. Justice, the venerable old resort is getting a well-deserved facelift and second lease on life.

As the largest employer in Greenbrier County, ask the many people whose livelihoods depend on it how they feel about this matter. Ask the majority of people in the county how they feel about all the good Justice has done for the area.

As one example, consider The Greenbrier Classic. It is a big deal involving millions of dollars. Now in its third year, it is the culmination of years of planning and hard work. It brings thousands of people to the area and they spend untold amounts of money. These people find lodging, eat, shop, tour, take in the outstanding entertainment and have a dramatic effect on the local economy. To the extent they have a positive experience and take home positive messages to share with family and friends, it can only be an advantage to West Virginia.

Actually, it is nothing short of miraculous that literally in the middle of a major disaster the entire event was able to proceed almost without a hitch. We should be thankful for everyone who had a hand in it.         

For the record, I do not actually know Jim Justice. I have no ties with The Greenbrier resort and I am not a golfer.

Roy H. Casto


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