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May 19, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, May 19, 2013

Administration seeks to control citizens

Does no one remember the Hitler regime? First item on its agenda was to discredit and get rid of anyone opposed to their doctrines. Sound familiar?

The IRS investigation into any organization that has Tea Party or Patriot as part of its doctrine is just a start at squashing ANY organization that disagrees with the current administration.

Secondly, putting an end to the free press was a major issue of the Fascist regime. Well, it was just revealed that the Department of Justice is attempting to “legally” tell the AP what they can and CANNOT print in the papers.

Making “the people” aware of what’s happening in Washington is against this administration’s policies. The longer they keep us in the dark, the more they can control us.

The Benghazi debacle is my third beef with this bunch in Washington. Four men died on American soil while Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama did absolutely nothing. The “red phone” in the White House went unanswered, despite the fact there were troops who could have been deployed and saved these four proud Americans.

Lastly, let’s talk about welfare. Did you know the number of people on the dole almost doubled the first four Obama years? Guess why? The more people he has under his control, the more that think government should “take care of them,” the more VOTES he gets.

I grew up here in the ’50s where people worked for a living. The only folks on welfare were the disabled, and even some of them were too proud of themselves to take handouts. Times have changed, yes, but not for the better.

To conclude, if “we the people” do not stop this anarchy, we will find ourselves without freedom, and completely under the rule and control of the government.

Wake up, fellow Americans!

Anne S. Miller


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