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April 26, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, April 26, 2013

Vote no on any more money for schools

Dear Fayette County citizens,

Here we are again with our county board of education deciding to stick their hands out again for money. In the April 17 newspaper I read where the board of education and the state along with two Meadow Bridge citizens are wanting to come up with a bond to keep schools we already have open.

First, the state board took over Fayette schools because we had such terrible scores. But since they took over, I have not seen any change in helping to get things any better.

Second, they have closed some of our small schools to save money, yet they haven’t done any more for the upkeep of the ones still open. Building more rooms on old schools to make room for the students who came from closed schools is not making the old building any better.

Third, the two citizens from Meadow Bridge who are all for this bond are only for it to try to make sure their schools aren’t closed. I don’t feel they are concerned about the quality of education as much as saving Meadow Bridge schools from closure.

Now after saying all this, I’m not for consolidated schools. They are nothing but large facilities which for a number of years look real good but do nothing positive for the education of the kids. Kids who attend schools where several schools are housed under one roof don’t have any better education than kids in small schools. Those kids don’t get the one-on-one help that kids in small schools do.

If these so-called concerned board members from the county and the state and the members of the proposed committee want to help the kids of Fayette County, then quit wasting our tax money on studies and proposed bonds and put the money toward giving our kids the technology in the schools they need and qualified teachers to teach them the skills they need to make it in the future.

We can’t get good teachers for the classes like French, Spanish, etc., because the county doesn’t pay our teachers the level of pay they can get in other counties of West Virginia, and until they do we will not attract good, qualified teachers to teach the students the material they will need for college. Most kids who leave our schools have to take classes in their first year of college to make up for what they missed in high schools. Most advanced classes in Fayette County schools are taught by satellite or some don’t even have them.

This is what the problem is, not the size or outside beauty of the school. I hope the citizens in Fayette County vote no on any such projects like this one and know that their taxes will go up if it passes. We pay enough taxes and the county and state need to quit wasting our tax money.

Anita K. Ennis



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