The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 23, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, March 23, 2013

Laws should protect children, families

— In the newspaper I read where some law enforcement officer would not enforce a gun law that prohibits the sale of assault rifles. I used to belong to the NRA for many years, but when they started backing the sale of assault rifles, I dropped my membership because I was watching TV and the news stated that the New York City Police were complaining that the criminals were better equipped with weapons then they were.

The Mexican government asked the U.S. government to stop the sale of assault rifles near the U.S. and Mexican border because they were being smuggled into Mexico and used by the drug cartels killing Mexican police.

Our government is well known for its irresponsible judgment, but how many lives have to be lost before the NRA replaces its leaders?

Thus, the laws serve and thus adapt themselves to each of our affairs by some roundabout, forced and twisted interpretation (Montaigne).

As formerly we suffered from crimes, so now we suffer from laws. (Tacitus) The most desirable laws are those that are rare, simple and mostly general. Do the biblical Ten Commandments fall in this category?

In a democratic form of government, the majority rule and the law made by the electorates are to be obeyed. Laws made that were not enforced. Laws in the past protected the children, moral social environment. The alienation of affections law which protected marriages. The cohabitation law, definition, to dwell or live together as husband and wife without being married; this law made people take blood tests to prevent disease and today birth defects may be prevented. The judges broke down the marriage law or contracts. All children have the right to both biological parents to protect, love and teach them during their adolescence. Putting adult wants before children’s needs has taken their right away.

Take a child that has a disturbed adolescence (emotional development) and is entertained with romanticized violence with the use of assault rifles. Children strike out with emotion to hurt that which is hurting it, and the child hurts a lot of children. Who is to blame — the child or society?

There is one law we need very much to protect — our children’s moral social environment which puts adult wants before children’s needs. A pornography law, pornography for adults will be seen by children. President Nixon was the last representative who tried to pass a pornography law. He was forced out of office before it was completed.

Anything that breaks down the family unit is immoral. Families that work, play and pray together, stay together.

William Flanagan

Spring Dale