The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 21, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thanks to all during stay at VA hospital

I went in the VA hospital May 12, 2012. My doctor was Dr. Boyd and I have a lot to say for Dr. Boyd, the nurses and his staff. I cannot name all of the nurses, because it would take all of the paper I intend to write about the wonderful people.

When I first went in there, I could not walk more than 4 feet. Later on, I was able to walk quite a bit. I would like to thank the people for getting me to walk as far as I can.

Next I would like to thank Robert Estep Jr. and Paul. They took us to ball games at Woodrow Wilson, where I met a lot of nice people, also to Concord University, to games, where I met two fine deputies. They took us to the Devil Rays in Princeton. It was very enjoyable. They took us to a Miners’ games in Beckley and Mr. Gentry bought all the veterans popcorn.

We went to three different games, championships, where one of the pitchers was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. If I remember correctly we also went out to eat at Ryan’s, Turnpike Restaurant and Bean Pot at Bradley.

Thanks to Debbie Voloski, we are trying to get Coach Huggins to come to the VA. Thanks to all the veterans I was there with and preachers. Thanks to Karin McGraw and her staff.

Thanks to the 6th floor nurses that accepted us with open arms when we were moved from the 4th floor.

I would like to thank the different organizations that had bingo for the veterans before I was discharged from the hospital. I applied to the Day Care Center for which I was admitted and they are a wonderful organization.

Carl E. Adkins


All departments need to get ‘green’ vehicles

Is West Virginia going green?

I used to be a school bus operator. I had a four-wheel drive bus that was still in good condition. What did the school system do? They took it off the road and purchased me a fuel-guzzling, two-wheel drive bus that was too large for road conditions.

It does not make much sense for schools to buy huge buses and haul less students. Even with tire chains I was barely able to make my routes many times.

Get a huge bus on the road with rowdy kids and see how easy it is to operate. I think it is time for all state departments to go green and buy smaller vehicles.

Harris Cooper