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March 29, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, March 29, 1014

What really matters is what living God says

I would like to give information to Lonnie Bailey or anyone who doesn’t believe in the one living God or Bible.

Tell me if you don’t believe in the one true living God and he doesn’t exist to you. Then why are you trying to get rid of something that doesn’t exist?

Why do you use his name in vain, if he doesn’t exist? You should cuss your God (Satan) and leave mine alone.

No, we are not gods ourselves. There is one true living God; His name is Jesus! One day when you end up in Hell and stand before the almighty God, then I will guarantee you that you will believe in God. It will be too late then.

It’s not what you believe or what I believe; it’s what God’s word says. My God and your God is real and alive — Jesus. Heaven and Hell are real — Satan is real.

You talk as a foolish man. My prayer is one day you will see your need of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Pat Mooney

Oak Hill

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Our Readers Speak