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March 19, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Naturalists have more faith than Christians

Lonnie Bailey’s letter of March 14 reveals the attitudes and emotions of a naturalist, someone who denies the existence of anything beyond the physical universe. He names himself a naturalist when he asserts that science has declared the spiritual non-extant. This is inconsistent: Aren’t attitudes and emotions beyond the physical?

Mr. Bailey declares that many of us rarely exercise reason. Sadly, many of us do indeed exercise our emotions and depend on circumstances to make our decisions. Wait: Isn’t reason — that is, the laws of logic — beyond the physical?

He apparently scolds the elderly for succumbing to fears typical of those of advanced age. Wait: Aren’t fears or fearlessness or care for the elderly non-physical?

He claims that the concept and exercise of the Golden Rule predates Christianity. True. However, only Jesus gave us a reason to exercise the Golden Rule: Christians love, as John the Revelator writes, because God first loved us, knowing we could give nothing in return. Yes, unsaved people try to practice the Rule, but it’s tiresome when done only because it is expected and when society constantly screams that each of us must be No. 1. Current news and history reveal that man without God has a poor track record with the Rule. Wait: Isn’t concern for others beyond the physical?

Mr. Bailey states that noble ambitions and goals will create our heaven on Earth, preventing any physical hell here. Wait: Aren’t ambitions and goals non-physical? Again considering news and history, which of the two — heaven or hell — has man without God been best at creating?

I would classify Mr. Bailey’s statement that science has declared the spiritual non-extant as a statement of faith, an absolute. I freely admit that my faith is in the absolutes of the Bible. However, naturalists apparently have trouble admitting that an absolute statement is a statement of faith. It qualifies as such for the simple reason that science cannot give the details of the experiment that proves it. The experiment doesn’t exist. Thus, even naturalists have faith; more, I think, than Christians.

Ed Chesley

Mount Hope

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