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February 19, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013


President Obama has not earned respect

In response to Ms. Scott’s comment and her suggestion that Sheriff Tanner is possibly a rogue cop is left to individual opinion. I think not. Seems the big issue here is the sheriff’s calling Obama a moron.

Clearly Obama is not a moron. He is not retarded nor does he have a low IQ. Our First Amendment gives us the right to call names if we so choose. I prefer idiot-in-chief and, no, I do not have to respect him. I have a great deal of respect for the Oval Office, but not for the occupant. Respect must be earned and I have yet to see why I would change my thinking.

Obama has ingrained Marxist ideology; just look at his associates and mentors. It’s being judgmental to inject race or hatred into Sheriff Tanner’s remark. The color of Obama’s skin has no bearing on the subject.

If there is so much ado over laws being ignored, let us look at the president’s behavior. How many times has he bypassed Congress to fulfill his own agenda? Do we see his footprints on the Constitution?

At times in our nation’s history we have had to stand tall and resist many issues to stay free; otherwise, we might be having our 4 p.m. tea each day.

Apply all the charges made against Sheriff Tanner to Obama and do it with an open mind. The country has lost credit in the world, thanks to Obama. He has been the most polarizing, divisive and derisive person to occupy the White House.

He is not a moron, although his behavior is moronic and oafish. He is not a king; he does not walk on water. He is simply a radical left-wing ideologue determined to tear down this great nation to the level of any Third World country.

No respect from me.

Jean Gieseking


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