The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

January 14, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014

Complicated taxation should be repealed

Rule of law is a cornerstone of good society. Daily, America is losing the rule of law — by law! When laws are incomprehensible, impractically onerous, and/or selectively applied, as in recent IRS abuses, they enslave rather than protect and serve. Layer upon layer of unintelligible laws consume too much of our lives, and leave honest Americans in fear of, not having intentionally cheated, but rather, having misunderstood the moving target of compliance. The federal and state regulatory burden represents too many hours spent tracking the minutiae of your life and reporting it on too many forms to bureaucrats.

A loathsome example is the UV Purchasers Use Tax. Reported on Personal Tax  IT-140, Line 24, the tax requires EVERY West Virginian to track ALL out-of-state purchases, compute and pay the difference between West Virginia sales tax and the tax paid in other states. Different states have different rates and still different rates for different tips of purchases (e.g. durable goods and food). This burden is a line-by-line accounting on every receipt throughout the year. Lose one and your taxes are incorrect.

No one I know pays it. Accountants laugh at it. But the State Tax Department says, “They can go back as far as they want if they find a problem.” It’s a problem for most if an auditor wants to make it an issue. It’s not practical. It’s made a state of lawbreakers. It is indicative of the arrogance of politicians and bureaucrats who think they own that much of your life.

America will continue to debate: liberal, conservative; haves, have-nots; rates and fair shares. This has NOTHING to do with any of that. This is about loss of life. Your life is nothing but time, and too much is spent deciphering and complying with inane laws. Whether you think you pay enough, too little, or too much, taxes should be easy to understand and pay. Honest people should not have to live in fear of a tyrannical tax code.

I am calling on West Virginia lawmakers to repeal the Use Tax in the 2014 session. Any lawmaker who can’t support that should make public his receipts and calculations. After leading by example, they should also send a resolution to our U.S. congressional delegation challenging them to drain the river of sewage that is the Federal Tax Code.

Roger Houston


Believer’s letter deserves affirmation

Duck, right on target. Look here, brother, I know and you know, but they (the nonbelievers) don’t even suspect nothing!

Keep on keeping on and in keeping God’s word spread to the world!

You were not quoting anything; you merely answered a question. Your response had your word standing behind your statement.

People, as far as we are concerned: If you cannot stand the answer, don’t bother asking the question!

We sure enough have different Dads, but the last time I looked in the rule book (Holy Bible) we all have the same Father! Our Father loves all us sinners but hates the sin! Take it from there!

John Roy Tucker