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January 7, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rahall targeted for helping W.Va. citizens

Robber barons manipulating mineral rights from West Virginia’s landowners is outdated. Wealthy zealots today utilize a covert operation to exhort West Virginia’s economy. Target a politician!

Koch Brothers, billionaires, provide money for politicians favorable to laissez-faire economics. Corporate campaign funds allow deceptive, unethical methods to manipulate elections. Locating the initial avalanche of dollars to specific conservative organizations is confusing. No direct correlation from the super wealthy is easily identified. The initial fund will distribute financing to other ultra-conservative organizations. These political activists are anti-working class and forward monetary aid to other intolerant propagandists. Hoodwinking advertisements, innuendos, actors portraying local voters all vilifying a targeted politician. The “target” is defeated.

Americans for Prosperity spent $36 million in 2012. That is only one group related to the “big bucks.” The American Future Fund spent over $540,000 “helping out” the election in West Virginia. A new attorney general arrived.

Now, heavily circulated advertisements are assaulting Congressman Rahall. Sadly, his lengthy, solid history of providing for the citizens of West Virginia has distinguished him to become a “targeted politician.”

Jack Platter Sr.


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