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July 4, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thanks for support for MS Annual Walk

Thank you to all the following businesses in Beckley and local area who were generous enough for multiple years to donate door-prizes or money donations to the 2013 Multiple Sclerosis Annual Walk.

Thanks to: Applebee’s, Chick-fil-A, Foster’s Tavern and Grill, the bands who donated their time and talent. All Walmart locations, Sam’s Club, Campestre, National Appliance, Theatre West Virginia, Rootz Salon of Sophia, Unique Antiques of Sophia, Green Village Store of Sophia, Gamestop, Advance Auto all locations, China One Restraint in Sophia, It’s all About Cake, Hospice House, Hot Designs, Flowers by Nancy, NAPA stores, Indie Sparrow (new Beside Flowers by Nancy), Heavenly Ham, DJ’s Sprots, Sissy’s Tanning, Walgreen’s, Calacino’s Pizza, Rhonda’s Pharmacy, Lily Jane’s Boutique, Image Makers Salon (Eddie and Carolyn), Kaybee’s Consignment, Joyce, Rollins, Sue Brunk, Joan Treadway, Sawdust n Posies, Ramey Auto, Outback, Dove’s Outlet (Fayetteville), Pasquale Mira’s, Domino’s Pizza, Pittsburgh Paint, Weeping Willow, Ryan’s, Lowe’s, Leisure Lanes, Talmadge’s Jewelry, Grand Furniture, Chili’s, Sweet Frog, Southern States, Texas Steakhouse, McDonald’s (several locations), Twin Falls State Park, Country Inns and Suites, New River Park, Nick Rahall, Colony Drug and It’s All About Clutter.

 I hope that I didn’t forget anyone, but a big shout-out to all of Beckley for continuously supporting the Mountaineers Support Group for the past eight years and the NMSS. Your kindness is very heartwarming and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Joy Weikle

Mountaineers Support Group



Drug problem: Don’t hide heads in sand

The Raleigh County Schools drug policy has been a topic of conversation since the schools and Raleigh County have had some drug issues.

Some people in the community were hopeful that if we start with the youth at schools when a drug issue is suspected that schools would have a lesser drug problem and hopefully help the county with its crime and drug problems.

We know some students have medications they may take and nurses should be informed. But if those students are selling those medications that’s another story.

Some people in the school system and in the community don’t think there is a drug problem. Every solution the community suggests as ways to rid the schools and the county of this drug problem are shot down and people hide their heads in the sand.

Other children are at school to learn and don’t like the confrontations or the drug issue. People don’t realize that in schools, and in the county, drugs are used, sold and recruited from dealer to dealer.

The sheriff’s department and other law enforcement have tried to rid the county and the schools of this drug issue and the crimes that go with it, but it takes all of us to make the tough decisions and not hide our heads in the sand to the problem.

Carole Williams

Shady Spring

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