The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

December 18, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012


Stand up for our state and oppose ‘Buckwild’

I agree with the Dec. 4 article about “Buckwild.” West Virginia has a bad stigma already. We don’t need any more than there is right now.

I am 40 years old and have watched the lives of so many people go down the drain over unemployment and prescription drugs. This drug epidemic has hit everywhere, but it has hit West Virginia hard, making life more difficult for not only the ones that are doing it, but for their children, extended families, communities and the state as a whole.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with having a drink, or having fun in a respectful manner; however, I don’t believe that it should represent your life or the place you live. I find that now a night of fun or kicks to some people is what pill they can snort, smoke or shoot up and what scheme can be made up to get more money off of someone.

I know, I have watched all of this from where I once lived and it has happened to me. I found out real quick that living in that particular area, you would never be able to own anything. This is what is happening to the people and their everyday lives in West Virginia. Instead of trying to change it and make it better, the state is going to allow a TV show that our children will sneak to watch if the parents forbid it, young adults and older adults will watch, get a laugh, and maybe let it influence their life.

Is this what we want? Life is definitely not what it used to be and neither are the people. I have to admit that I too once fell into a bad crowd, not the pill crowd, but a crowd that was not good for me; however, I pulled myself away from those who were a bad influence and started college again. I gave up a house that I loved and worked hard for, after only owing a $5,000 balance on the mortgage. I wanted to live in a better community, and have a better life for myself, and my kids.

What happened to West Virginians who want to make our state a better place to live? Stand up for your state and oppose the new MTV series “Buckwild” and everything it represents. Stand up for yourself and get off pills, or whatever drug you are on, and be the person you have always wanted to be, because it is never too late. You can still be a wild, wonderful West Virginian, but just in a good way.

Robin Farmer

Crab Orchard


Good ol’ boys win again in West Virginia

Anyone can win elections in this state if they belong to the good ol’ boy network. That does not say much for many people in our state. It just proves that socialism does exist.

Many people in this state do not want to work much. They think that everyone else owes them a living. That does not send a very good message to businesses and landowners that are paying more than their fair share of taxes. It just proves that ignorance does exist in our state.

Anyone that would vote for politicians that continue to shut down the economy is ignorant. Although they can afford to be ignorant because they are getting socialist benefits. They could care less about other people as long as they get that socialist check.

As John Raese said, more people are riding inside the wagon instead of pulling it. If this trend continues something will have to give.

Our country is running out of money to fund socialism, and conservatives will cut back and spend less. If our elected officials are so great, then why are they allowing the Sierra Club to control them?

Sandra Cooper