The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

December 9, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, Dec. 9, 1012


The A-Team works at Tamarack travel plaza

As a novice writer, I am thinking of adjectives such as polite, friendly, helpful, cooperative, cheerful, smiling, dedicated, informative, sincere, enthusiastic and reliable as they pertain to Patty, Lucile, Lorrie, Wendy and Steve, the wonderful team who collectively operate The Information Center located within Tamarack’s travel plaza and fueling center at 500 Van Kirk Drive, Beckley.

Having been a frequent visitor to their facility for several years, I am certain that there are no finer choices among Tamarack’s many employees to create a more friendly welcome to the thousands of weary travelers, including long-distance truck drivers who seek information about weather, road conditions, repair shops, hospitals, motels, and detailed routing to many states. I feel greatly blessed to be one who can anticipate being engulfed within their atmosphere of love of mankind each time I visit.

James E. Martin


Pray for atheists as Christmas approaches

As the Christmas season approaches, there is one group of people often forgotten — atheists. While Christians all over the world are celebrating the birth of our Lord, nonbelievers go about this day as usual.

Imagine not decorating your home with lights because that represents the bright light in the sky that the three wise men followed to the manger. Or not exchanging gifts because that symbolizes the gifts those wise men brought to baby Jesus.

How sad it would be to not have Christmas dinner with your loved ones and not thank God for sending His Son to the world, saving those who believe from an eternity in hell. Pray for the atheists.

Vickie Donell-Williams


Survey for dumpers of animals, garbage

Have you ever taken into consideration, when dumping your trash, the following? Is it on a road where people drive every day to get to and from their homes? Is it on a road that leads to a wildlife reserve such as Plum Orchard Lake? Would your mattress, refrigerator, deer carcass, and bags of garbage be an eyesore for anyone passing by? Maybe the most important question you need to ask yourself would be, why do I not pay the small fee to have my garbage picked up at my home? It’s much easier and there is no sneaking around late at night when you think no one is watching. Last but not least, my question to you would be: Are you familiar with game cameras? They work just like the litter cameras. By the way, FYI, it is illegal to dump trash.

My next questions are for the dog dumpers. Do you think when you see land and houses that the people who live there want your dog? Well, you’re wrong. The five families living on this land have their own pets except for one person. We have had five dogs dropped this past summer. The last dog was a pretty dark brown, medium size that proved to be very friendly. I hope when the owner took the dog’s collar off, before leaving, he asked himself this question — How many days will my dog wait for me to come back and get him? I’ll answer that question for you. Three days and three nights. This dog stayed at the end of my driveway the entire three days. The dog finally gave up on you and walked toward my house, with his head hanging down and his tail tucked between his legs.

Please consider people when dumping your pets and garbage.

Becky Legg

Plum Orchard Lake Road