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December 2, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, Dec. 2, 1012

Living in the path of danger costs us all

Recently, our nation has been dealt another heavy blow. Our Northeast is once again suffering the consequence of a terrible storm that sadly has claimed the lives of many and left so much devastation, hardship and heartache.

We see the pictures of the many, as they stand with eyes filled with tears, amid the rubble that was once their home or business, searching for loved ones or the many things that cannot be replaced and yet, as they search the rubble, hungry, cold and without a warm, dry place to rest their weary heads. “We shall rebuild” resonates strongly among them.

It is indeed encouraging to see this determination and mettle; however, as we listen to so may proclaim “We shall rebuild,” we must ask where? Where do you plan to rebuild? Surely and hopefully, not in these exact areas that have been ravaged several times before.

The years 1821, 1898, 1923 and 2001 also brought hurricanes to the New York area. These storms also brought death and destruction.

Days after Sandy struck, structures still protrude from water where buildings once stood.

This storm will cost many billions of dollars and surely add to our $16 trillion national debt, a debt that is so frightening to so many.

It is time that we the people, who share in these tremendous costs, have a voice as to where the rebuilding is to be done. Shall we once again stand quietly by, while so much of the rebuilding is done in “low-lands” so close to the seas and path of storms to come? I say no! We must not!

Our government owns 85, perhaps even 95, percent of all the land in this country or more. Surely there is land that can be given to those who have lost so much, a place much safer to build upon.

Land rushes of years ago served a good cause and helped our country grow. A small one might be a good thing even today. We need a movement that will discourage building and residing so closely to the sea in harm’s way. A no-build zone should be established.

 Those who insist that they live and dwell in terribly dangerous areas must be made to know that they and they alone shall in the future bear the full cost of their decisions and shall no longer be aided by the American taxpayer.

Bob Lilly



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