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December 1, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012

Wake up, America; God is still in control

We as Christians need to wake up. Our country, our government, our greedy store management don’t seem to realize, God Is Still In Control.

Halloween has gotten to be ghosts, witches, anything of horror minded to resemble the devil or evil and who is to blame — the parents who can’t say no — or suggest an alternative costume such as a princess, hobo, clown, superman, etc., that are pretty, funny, not misleading to our future generation, our children for a better America.

Not only the dress pattern but the holiday calendar date itself. Wednesday night is church for a majority of people; what’s wrong that it cannot changed to Tuesday or Thursday night? The stores are still going to sell their candy to willing people to hand out for treats.

Same thing applies to sports. When my children were young and played various sports in school and summer, we never played games on Sunday or Wednesday and still all the games were played. Now, today, if a child whose parents stand up for God and church time, the child is ridiculed by coaches, such as can’t play next game or embarrassed in front of other players.

Even the board of education allows literature in the schools that a student “must read” for a credit or fail that subject. Christianity is blackballed, can’t be spoken of — however, other forms of worship (whatever) can have a day off, etc. Christianity is what America  was founded upon — but now takes a back seat because someone comes to our country — a country that welcomes the tired the weary, the poor, etc., — may be offended. What about us Christians? If we went to another country, we would be forced to abide by their rules.

As we approach this Thanksgiving, we should be thankful to live in a free country — worship in public places — what’s happening — more and more stores this year are open on Thanksgiving Day — a day for families to be together, give thanks to God together. If all stores are closed, no one will miss out on selling merchandise. The employees who are “forced” to work can’t enjoy being with children, spouses, parents. People, wake up — surely we can wait one more day for a pair of shoes, etc.

Again I say America was founded on Christianity — now we are maybe in the near future going to see God taken out of everything ¸— off our money “In God We Trust.” out of our pledge of allegiance. “One nation under God.” We have stooped to slanderous elections; no matter how we feel about our fellowman, one of the commandments Jesus taught His disciples is “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” There is going to be a “Pay Day” someday. Let’s wake up, America. Who can help us? Only God. We must return to a God-fearing, God-loving, a God-believing nation.

God Bless America, God Is Still in Control and we are strong enough to overcome.

Helen Lytton



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