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November 29, 2012

Our Readers Speak - Thursday, November 29, 2012

Firing of Dr. Marple draws no sympathy

There has been a lot said of the recent firing of Dr. Marple from the position of superintendent of the State Board of Education, the same Board of Education that recently took over Fayette County schools and sent them in a tailspin to reach 53rd of 55 counties. Whether it was done fair or by current rules have come in question.

I don’t remember Dr. Marple’s concern toward fairness when Mount Hope High School was closed. When asked for considerations whether Mount Hope be allowed to keep a middle school considering the school the students would be sent to being the most populated school in Fayette County and keeps security officers on hand because of constant fighting. Whether it would provide any consideration toward making the merged Mount Hope and Oak Hill High School one that both towns could be proud wasn’t a concern of Dr. Marple either.

Mount Hope High School criticized as having low test scores was the public reasoning for closing. Then a delegation of Mount Hope citizens was told it was for financial reasons and that other school closures were to follow. The board has attempted additional closures. How’s that for fairness or following rules? What about the rule that the buck stops here? West Virginia’s school system is pathetic. Who is responsible for the current condition of our schools if not the superintendent?

The recent firing of Dr. Marple draws no sympathy from yours truly with one exception. If only the rest of the state board of education could receive the same treatment. Now that would draw some satisfaction.

Dr. Marple, it’s called karma. When you treat others with a lack of respect, don’t expect to receive any when your time is up. If only the rest of the state board could receive the same treatment, justice will be served.

Thomas “TB” Brown

Mount Hope

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