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October 9, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013

Quit pinning target on Meadow Bridge High

Meadow Bridge High School is a Fayette County school technically, but it is geographically a regional school.

Summers County is located only 1 mile from MB schools. If you lived across that line in Summers County, would you want your child traveling a couple miles to school at MBHS (a success school) or 30 minutes (direct by car) to Summers County High (a priority school)?

The largest misnomer advertised recently is that “most” or “half” of the students at MBHS are Summers County residents. WRONG! Officially, in the elementary and high school student body, 14 percent Summers County residents, 86 percent Fayette County residents. Similar scenario for Greenbrier West, a transition school.

Since the 1950s, Meadow Bridge schools have had to fight the rest of the county for fair treatment, against consolidation and just for the right to have our children equally educated.

School administrators have in recent years purposely neglected the maintenance of school buildings for a viable reason to shut us down. Citizens have expended money and man hours to repair, paint, carpet, etc., to keep the school up to code. We’ve had to fight for everything we have; it was never handed to us. The result: We have a success school!

Our kids are motivated and prepared to go out into the world to make something of themselves. We have the long distance learning equipment; we have teachers qualified to teach AP classes to other schools. What we have never had is any kind of support from the county. Instead, they have a target on our backs.

Certain state School Board and SBA members are proposing a “regional” school approach. Erase the problems that exist with crossing county lines and allow Summers and Greenbrier County residents to attend MBHS if they wish. Invest in our school — we have a strong foundation to build upon.

On 9/11, State Board members asked Mr. Butcher how much money would come off of the bond if Meadow Bridge was stricken from the CEFP plan. Out of a total $75 million ($50 million bond and $25 million SBA), MBHS is only worth $1.6 million. Now, however, lies are circulated by a certain board member via social media and newsprint, “MBHS is holding back progress,” “the whole school system will fail.”

Fayette County Board members, current and past, and administrators they’ve instituted are to blame, not us. Quit pinning a target on our backs. Do your jobs. If county jobs are lost, I would suggest you do it like you do everything else — start from the top and go down.

Mistie Richmond

Meadow Bridge

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