The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

October 8, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013

BECKLEY — Good ol’ boys are out of luck this time

Thank you, Mr. Rappold, for expressing your opinion. I am sure the existing members of council are listening to anyone wanting to give their opinion of selecting a new mayor.

It is my opinion that what bothers you the most is this time there is no election to buy or manipulate to keep one of the good ol’ boys in office. Once the good ol’ boys watched or rubber stamped things in Beckley and that shouldn’t have been happening. A perfect example is MSU, the good ol’ boys on the board stood by and watched while the leadership destroyed this institution. Yes, I know the facts on the BIG Project also; I know where the money went and why we had the million dollars over budget!  

Sir, you too mention the political posturing, this is called politics and it is not an honor system as you know. I felt the same about how our last election was postured and the people did also, according to voter turn out.

I knew when I voted for a council person that ultimately they could become mayor. Unlike you I feel that we have people on the council who are intelligent enough to hire new help where needed and also know where we have problems within the city. They know the problems of morale and the reason of such in the police department. We already have a new financial director who seems to be proficient and I am sure that the new mayor will not only seek his advice but other council as well.

I know that some times we get upset when we don’t get our way but everything will work out fine. But sorry the by-laws can not be changed now to suit you and have an election.

Melvin R. Kessler


Why can’t people of earth work together?

Why is it that the people of earth can work together above the clouds, yet beneath the clouds they cannot agree on the time of day. Where is Clarence Darrow when we need him? Just a thought.

Larry Kleintop