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October 5, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, October 5, 2013

Legislators must work for people, not party

Did any one see Shelley Capito on Fox news a while back saying that West Virginians were being forced to buy in to exchanges while Congress and their staff got a pass.

She says that the Affordable Care act would force individuals to pay for insurance they cannot afford and Obamacare did not do the same for government workers.

I tried to write her office to get a clarification on this but you can’t e-mail her office on site because she has blocked all e-mail from anyone outside her congressional district. Funny, she has not stopped voting for bills that affect the world outside her district.

The Affordable Care act would expand Medicaid to over 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Today if you are an adult above the age of 19 without children, the Medical Needy Income Level (MNIL) for a one-person household to receive medical is $200 a month. This is even with being ruled disabled.

Under the Affordable care act, any company with more than 50 employees must provide health insurance. Any person who works and does not pay income tax would be exempt. There are special considerations for religious organizations. After all this the penalties would come out of your income tax and be no more than the cost of the insurance it self. We have government required insurance on our cars. Why not on ourselves?

People in Congress and their aides have the same health care they had when Sen. Robert Byrd first went to Congress. That was long before Obama. Congress consists of more than 50 employees and the government provides them health insurance just like it says in the law. This is not new or something that needs changing.

I don’t live in Ms. Capito’s district but if you know someone who does, tell them that we need someone in Washington working for the needs of workers, not the needs of the Republican Tea Party members. Expanded Medicaid and Medicare, low price health insurance through a exchange we can all afford and assistance in keeping prices low. Not to mention a policy that forces health insurance company to use our premiums for our health care and not cooperate bonuses and if they don’t, they must refund the excess back to the consumer. No more pre-existing conditions and children can stay on parent’s policy until they are 26 year old or have their own policy.

Ms. Capito, how is this BAD?

Brady English



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