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February 27, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, February 27, 2014

Drug registry system could help with problem

The drug problem in this great state of ours is higher now than it has ever been, meth being especially bad in my area. One can’t open a newspaper or turn on the local news without having to see about a recent meth lab that has been found.

I have seen my own family and friends battle this demon and some of them have lost that fight. Far too many lives are being lost to this and other drugs.

The pain pill problem is just as bad. On almost a daily basis you hear of someone overdosing on painkillers.

It is my belief that the doctors who prescribe these pain pills should do a better screening process. It seems today that if you go to the doctor with a stubbed toe you will leave with a prescription for a painkiller.

The pharmacy being told to order less pain medicine does not fix the problem. That only makes it harder for the people that actually do need it.

I believe that we need to form a new drug registry system such as the one that sex offenders must register with. If you are busted for meth, narcotics or other medication that you do not have a prescription for, you should have to register as a drug offender.

Doing this, in my opinion, would lower the drug problems facing this state. The prescribing doctors would be able to see if their patients were on this list and be able to better judge if they actually need a pain medication. Pharmacists would be able to see if someone wanting Sudafed or other ingredients for the production of meth are listed and know that this person should not have the products.

This would be a start at fixing the drug problem in this state. It wouldn’t be a total fix, but it would be a great start.

If you feel as strongly as I do over this, please e-mail me your name and location and I will attach it to the petition that I will be sending to our governor and state officials. I can be reached at

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