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February 18, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beckley mayor needs to make changes

I’m filled with hope that the new mayor will make changes long overlooked by the Pugh administration.

Business first — call for a detailed state audit for all the Beckley residents to see where the cash flows.

Take up the task of investigating anything that the West Virginia Ethics Commission might have overlooked (or never disclosed).

Make changes to our city that will make all our citizens proud and a part of the system. Sidewalks that folks can travel to and from work and social services. Improve traffic flow that stalls at 25 to 35 mph on major arteries (system of the 1920s when cars couldn’t stop on a dime).

Fight the meth epidemic that is destroying our communities. Form task forces from business, education, clergy, seniors, youth and labor to address serious issues that we face in Beckley.

May we face the future with faith and conviction in order to build a city that can we can proudly say loudly “I’m from Beckley, W.Va.”

Mark A. Lilly



Voters shouldn’t rely on misleading TV ads

In reply to Dave Baker’s letter of Jan. 1, I’m so sorry that my letters to this newspaper upset him so much, however the truth does have a way of disturbing some people.

You stated that I am the worst kind of voter, one that votes a straight ticket every election. No, the worst kind of voter is the one I described in my letter. One who votes for someone they never heard of, or knows anything about simply because they appear repeatedly in misleading TV ads.

By the way, how would you know how I vote? Like your idols on Fox News, you are making an assumption and calling it a fact.

You went on to say that Democrats would vote for space aliens if they were on their ticket. How stupid that statement sounds when you consider some of the people Republicans voted for, i.e., Patrick Morrisey, Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford, Michelle Bachman and too many other tea party crackpots to list here. Sounds to me like Republicans are the ones who vote for anyone on your ticket.

If you really read my letter, you would know that I urged voters to become informed about candidates and check their records before voting instead of relying on repetitious TV ads. Your advice to me, that I should let fair and balanced thinking prevail, gives you away as one of the very people I referred to — on the couch getting your unfair and unbalanced views from Fox News.

Tom Rapp


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