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February 17, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Monday, Feb. 17, 2014

Headlights are for safety, required by law

It’s unbelievable the people driving in inclement weather (snow rain, fog) and just before daylight or dark without their headlights turned on. These people may be able to see, but other people can’t see them. These people are either plain stupid or ignorant.

Under inclement conditions, they don’t realize that regardless of the color of your vehicle, at times it will blend with the conditions, making it hard to see. Parking lights don’t make you more visible; it just shows your disrespect for other drivers while putting yours and other lives on the line.

I think the law states under these conditions and when windshield wipers are required, you are supposed to turn on your headlights, not your parking lights. Leaving them off, you are telling everyone driving: “Watch out for me; I’m stupid, ignorant or both.”

If you are involved in an accident under these conditions, it’s your fault. I know a guy that got a ticket for not having his headlights on under these conditions and causing an accident. He got a ticket and was charged with the accident.

Some people don’t respect the law or other people. Look around you at the people still using the cell phone or texting while driving. They have trouble staying in their lane and on the road.

Larry McComas

Shady Spring

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Our Readers Speak