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February 1, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Feb. 21, 2014

Coal is best choice for electric power

Coal is the No. 1 BTU for making electric power. The EPA wants to close all of the coal-fired power plants, therefore wanting to push toward fracking shale gas. But gas is not the answer.

Anytime they use gas, it costs more to make the power. They have to use a number of things, plus more gas to get the BTU to turn the grid turbines. When they have to do this, it costs the customer more. The electric power is just adding the cost to you.

Nuclear power is not the answer either; there is too much radiation after it is used. There is nowhere to store this. It still is radiation and it is too dangerous.

The gas company is charging too much for gasoline. One reason is they have mixed ethanol in the gas. It costs more to make ethanol; that’s why the cost is high. They talked the farmer into growing corn for this and now they are buying wheat from China because the farmers never grew anything but corn thinking they were going to get rich.

Ethanol is not a good fuel; it does not burn clean. Have you ever been driving down the freeway going 60 mph and your truck just quit running? Your fuel line is clogged at the filter from ethanol. Have you ever got your lawnmower out and pulled the cord to start and it wouldn’t even crank? You can’t believe it because you just mowed with it last week; just sitting that long, the carb gummed up.

Any time they have to make a fuel or use gas to make power, the power company charges you more money and the power bill is higher.

William Miller



Standards, rules make more sense with God

Without God or any sort of transcendent standard, how can atheists critique Christians or any religious people in the first place? Whose voice will be heard? Whose tastes or preferences will be honored?

Without God human tastes and opinions have no more weight than we give them, and who are we to give them meaning anyway? Human taste or opinion, societal laws or culture are hardly dependable contributors of truth.

Without God how does one even come to understand good and evil, right and wrong? After all, if these concepts are all merely social constructions or human opinions, where does one look to determine morality?

Without God the setting of moral laws would depend merely on the tastes and opinions of a society’s majority. That’s correct. Without God as the higher signifier, anything from rape, child molestation or murder can be considered acceptable, so long as the godless majority’s lives and laws have absolutely nothing but one’s self-interests, pleasures or tastes to answer to.

Without God ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is redemptive or redeemable, since no interventions in this life or reparations in an afterlife are possible.

Without God we simply don’t make sense because the world is just stuff, thrown out into space and time, going nowhere, meaning nothing.

Without God we’re all lost.

Pastor Scott A. Lester

Crab Orchard

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