The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

January 30, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, January 30, 2014

The court should have taken custody of kids

This is about The Register-Herald newspaper article on Wednesday, Jan. 22, about Brandy Smallwood who left her twin boys with her husband, James Green, while she went to pay for drugs and her husband killed her 2-year-old twin Graydon and beat the other twin, Ezekiel.

The article says that the court transcripts of recorded conversations between Brandy Smallwood and the twins’ biological father Adam Morgan said speaking of her twins, “I wish they would (blanking) go live with someone else.” “I (blanking) hate my GD life. I just want to get rid of these babies and go back to bed.”

Adam Morgan told Brandy Smallwood she should “bust their ass.” Brandy Smallwood said “I’ve been beating the hell out of them.” And this court recorded conversation took place just two months before one twin was killed.

My opinion. How dare the court system allow Brandy Smallwood to go back to the twins after that conversation! The court should have the twins in custody. If the court had taken the twins away after the statements were made, someone could have provided the twins with a good home and saved the one twin’s life. The court is also responsible for the twin’s death.

How sad that the court system failed Graydon. So who in the court system is going to be charged with also being responsible for the death of Graydon? Probably no one, but I think someone should be charged.

Rose Hicks


Elk River chemical spill question of regulation

As usual our fearless leaders using an old phrase: “A day late and a dollar short,” meaning a missed opportunity and being inexcusably unprepared.

For months we hear there’s a war on coal by the Obama administration. Curtail the EPA. There’s too much regulation.

Suddenly we hear the shortcomings that allowed 7,500 gallons of coal-cleaning chemicals to seep into the Elk River must be regulated.

Three-hundred-thousand people without water. What did House Speaker John Boehner have to comment? There are enough regulations. The Obama administration should be doing their job. Hum!

What did Freedom Industries, which owned the plant, do? As usual, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Steve Kopa