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January 28, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014

Proposed property tax increase is wrong

To Assessor Drema Evans: I respectfully reject the tax increase proposed on the property owners in Raleigh County, more so, the Shady Spring District.

Code this and article that is not serving the interest of the public for which elected officials are pledged to serve.

We are taxed to death already at a time people are struggling to make ends meet. High utility bills, high gasoline bills, elderly people on fixed incomes, increased turnpike tolls, etc. Yet the highway system south of Beckley is pathetic. It’s virtually the same as when I was a kid going to Little Beaver State Park to swim.

With a growing populace you would think that an efficient roadway system would more so be at the top of the list, but yet a property tax increase is more beneficial. Help explain to me your thought process on that?

Beaver Land Co. offered to provide land for a commuter road from the airport interchange of I-64 to Beaver. Truckers get off at Ghent to avoid turnpike tolls and fees and come through Shady Spring to get on I-64.

You’ve got Shady Spring, Winterplace, multiple housing developments and yet NO updated highway system south of Beckley serving the needs of the people. Oh, and as usual, that’s probably not your department or your concern, but yet you somehow have the right to increase the taxes on the public.

I object along with 99.9 percent of the other property owners in Shady Spring District. The time is now to get in tune with the people who elected you and serve the need of the people. If you can’t get in tune with the people, at next election we will find someone that will.

No New Property Tax Increase!

John L. Eye


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