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January 27, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Monday, Jan. 27, 2014

Community supports all MBHS students

Recently, there has been research conducted to prove that there is a positive correlation between academic and student success and parent-community involvement. Many school officials recognize the need for this interchange and are working on programs to increase the exchange between positive adult interactions and their students.

As a parent, I have always made the choice to be very active in my children’s education. I have spent countless hours supporting them through their various endeavors and I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it.

I realize that not all students are as “lucky” as mine to have supportive parents there for them every step of the way. That is why I must say that I am truly thankful for the community support that is offered to Meadow Bridge High School students.

Since the beginning of the consolidation process, many comments have been made to the effect that the Meadow Bridge community does not want its school consolidated because of its athletic programs.

What these people do not understand is that those same people packing the stands at sporting events hours away are the same people making sure every child is succeeding in school and has a plan for the future. Those spectators are going to help students fill out FAFSA forms, find jobs, write letters of reference and help direct moral compasses when needed.

The network of support that is offered to every student at Meadow Bridge High School is one that does not diminish over time and seems to renew itself with every graduating class. Without it, we set many students up for failure.

I admit it’s easier to see how student athletes are being supported by looking into the stands, but if people were to take a closer look they could also see the support that is offered to the students outside the locker room. Seeing endless words of encouragement, letters to future employers, completed college forms, and so on takes more effort than gazing into a packed house on Friday night.

I would hope that those reading this would take time to think about this correlation and reflect on how our at-risk students will be hurt if this support system is taken. I am not promising that every child is going to get a big slice of the American dream, but I am stating that every student that wants and takes advantage of this support system will receive some benefit from it.

Tammy Redden

Meadow Bridge

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Our Readers Speak