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January 18, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Janaury 18, 2014

Saying no may be the most loving choice

Recently, I read the article in your paper of one who boasted about the socialistic accomplishment by his party as if they were trophies to hang proudly on his wall and admire like a hunter may do the head of a deer.

He seemed to suggest that one party alone cares for the poor and less fortunate, but can he or anyone with similar views identify just one being in this country who wants another to go hungry or to be unable to see a doctor? I say no, because that being exists only in the minds of those who allow it to be.

Are we truly like one who stands at lakeside and yells out into the water “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?” before we offer to help one who may be drowning?

Is a parent who refuses a child something because he can ill-afford it an evil parent or perhaps a worse parent than he who gives his child that which he cannot afford and may eventually cause him to lose the farm?

Today, we each owe more than $50,000. It’s our share of this $16 trillion national debt, yet sadly, so many still stand with outreached arms, open hands and loud voices echoing more, more, more!

If we love our children and grandchildren, we must for their sake stop this runaway train “our national debt” before it someday leaves the track and we find ourselves entangled in the smoldering wreckage.

Bob Lilly


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Our Readers Speak