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July 12, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, July 12, 2014

Not so impressed with Rahall’s record

A recent letter from Jack Platter Sr. mentions the “solid record” of Nick Rahall. He begins by bemoaning the political power of money and the evil Koch brothers. These brothers are the only names of note that the liberal left can berate when the subject of money in politics comes up.

They forget about Michael Bloomberg, who in 2001 switched from Democrat to Republican to run for mayor of New York. The pro-choice, anti-gun, self-appointed savior of New York City (sodas too big, Plan B to girls 14 without parental consent). He manipulated the Legislature to allow for a third term. Switched to liberal independent in 2007. Or George Soros, financier of Planned Parenthood, and ACORN. We all know about their history. There are many more but my space is limited.

Then he mentions Georgia-Pacific and how they plundered the mountainsides and laid off the workers. I was one of the original employees of the Mount Hope mill with 16 years there. Most of our wood came from Virginia. I didn’t like being laid off and am no fan of the Koch brothers, but the housing market stank and Charlie Koch isn’t in the feel-good business. He then asks, will the ex-employees vote for Evan Jenkins? This one will.

I personally don’t see all the progress brought to southern West Virginia by Rahall. We have a $20 million parking garage/flea market in Beckley, though.

Rahall has been a ranking member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for decades. Why can’t our southern counties get a four-lane highway to attract business?

The decades-in-the-making Coalfields Expressway is still under construction. Why, if he is such a senior and powerful member of Congress? He supported Obama in 2008, as did the UMWA. Go figure, even knowing then-Sen. Obama’s stance on coal and other fossil fuels.

If you go anywhere north of Charleston, where Mr. Jenkins’ district is, things are happening. Business, roads, bridges, etc. So the “no noticeable improvements” statement in Mr. Platter’s letter I don’t understand.

It’s only a two-year term. If Mr. Jenkins is elected and doesn’t at least try to further our cause in the south, I’m sure Mr. Rahall will be back on the ballot in 2016.


Bill Cook Jr.

Crab Orchard

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