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June 16, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Monday, June 16, 2014

Prisoners, cigarette paper and DNA tests

Folks, did you see the president workin’ out with dumb-bells recently? I bet ol’ Putin will choose his words more carefully after he sees that! Oh yes, while thinkin’ of the president, I hope he quits drawing lines in the sand because sooner or later, someone is gonna think he’s serious!

Gosh! I think we may have been cheated in the prisoner swap we just made. The other side got five with beards and we only got one beardless one.

Our Readers Speak June 5, the writer stated: 1.69 billion pounds of cigarette butts pollute our forests, streams and oceans. I’ll bet money I can find at least one he doesn’t even know about!

He also stated that for every 300 cigarettes produced, a tree is wasted to produce the paper for the rolled cigarettes and its accompanying packaging. Goodness! How big of a tree was he referring to? Surely, one tomato stake would produce that much paper ... or almost that much.

I was unfortunate enough to work at a paper mill for several years and believe me, one good size tree will make enough paper to wallpaper several big houses and still be enough left to wrap 300 cigarettes.

I don’t smoke, and wish no one did, however, we must choose our words carefully in our attempt to get others to lay those little killers down.

Speakin’ again of the five prisoners we turned loose, I sure hope they did DNA testing on them because I’m curious as to where they fit in the animal kingdom, guessin’ I’d saw it’s somewhere between the monkey and the jackass.

Bob Lilly



Thank you for paving the road in Rupert

Thanks to the West Virginia Division of Highways, West Virginia Paving and Paul McNeal’s crew for the outstanding paving project completed on U.S. 60 through the Town of Rupert.

The new pavement helped improve the appearance of the town before the Memorial Day holiday.

Thank you again for assisting our community.

Mayor Jim Nichols


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