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July 4, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, July 4, 2014

Nick Rahall has a solid record in W.Va.

Some $273,000 is flowing into West Virginia compliments of Americans for Prosperity. Money is political power and the billionaire Koch brothers have plenty to spread around.

After plundering mountainsides of forests, Georgia Pacific closed, many people became unemployed and a huge harvest of profits was removed from West Virginia. Will the ex-employees and their family members vote for a candidate like Evan Jenkins who is heavily financed by Americans for Prosperity? (GP was one of many Koch corporations.)

Mechanization of the mining industry brought massive unemployment during the 1950s. In the 1980s, by combining innovative technology and a global economy, catastrophic unemployment was delivered.

The present decade has the “bust cycle” blasting the coal industries once again. A TV advertisement blatantly accuses Congressman Rahall of not disagreeing with the Obama administration/EPA. Newspaper articles state otherwise. Nick Rahall is and has been very vocal toward supporting the coal industry. Is he expected to challenge President Obama and other Washington officials to fisticuffs on the public square?

One advertisement approved by Mr. Jenkins called Rep. Rahall a liar. As youngsters, in our home, we were taught to specify the lie and supply the proof.

Congressman Rahall has channeled millions of dollars back to West Virginia. Charleston’s “working legislators” are to utilize these assets toward enhancing our lives. Evan Jenkins represents a small territory of West Virginia and no noticeable improvements have been recognized.

Congressman Rahall displays exemplary maneuvering skills within the enormous maze of D.C. politics. Nick Rahall has a solid history of providing for West Virginia.

Jack Platter Sr.


38 Bibles-worth of EPA regulations

The word “perspective” in art terminology simply means to see through.

There are some people who refuse to recognize the Ten Commandments that God gave Moses on Mount Sinai for the people to follow.

There are those who refuse to follow or live by those Ten Commandments. There are those who even deny God exists.

There are those who believe that government must save the earth. There are those who want to regulate the earth, the sky, and the water, even the air we breathe.

There are Ten Commandments from God. There are over 38 Bibles-worth of regulations from the EPA.

There is some perspective for you.

Mike Thompson


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