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July 16, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We need a law to eradicate pornography

The United States Supreme Court makes decisions on the word of law without regard to morality. Without morality there cannot be law because society would fall into degradation. President Nixon was trying to eradicate pornography. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld pornography. Children’s moral social environment does not stop at state lines as the Supreme Court indicated by its decision.

The government is responsible for the morality of the nation and the parents are responsible for the family’s morality. If the government destroys the children’s moral social environment, there is no way the parents can control the morality of the family.

The government understood the use of entertainment industry propaganda. They used it during the second World War to promote patriotism to sell bonds and to stop desertion. Our nation was fighting for its existence with its “Buy War Bonds” campaign. The movies were made to inspire America; now we are being attacked by James Bond (007) with his romance with unwed women surrounded by luxury. Then they really bring in the big guns, XXX movies and unrated movies, to cover up the sexual immorality.

When I was a young boy, the children would call other children names. They did not know what these names meant as long as they made the person mad. Now the children know what the name means. When I was a young boy, the women were married in white wedding gowns and in their lifetime they only knew their husband in the Biblical meaning; this was the rule, not the exception.

New York City’s mayor was talking about cigarette smoking; he said out of sight out of mind. Sex out of sight out of mind. A historian said all great nations are not destroyed from without but from within.

Children learn by imitation and experimentation. They need a moral social environment to imitate. Parents are the best teachers by being role models for the children to imitate how they emotionally behave, intellectually behave and morally behave.

If you must use your own judgment... with regard to virtues and vice, your own conscience has great weight take that away and everything falls (Cicero).

I wonder how many people died because their partner was using birth control pills and caught AIDS? But I’m ignorant; I don’t know if AIDS can be caught by moral sexual behavior.

We need an equal education amendment in our constitution. We need a children’s right movement and a law eradicating pornography.

If you love your children, you will behave. Families that work, play and pray together stay together. This is my opinion.

William M. Flanagan

Spring Dale

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