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July 13, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, July 13, 2013

ACLU always overstepping bounds

I was rather livid after reading the article about the Ten Commandments in Wyoming County. For those who didn’t read it, it stated that a staff attorney for the ACLU named Sarah Rodgers has a problem with the Wyoming County Courthouse lawn. Her problem? The fact that there is a monument of the Ten Commandments installed in a corner of the lawn.

The very same day, I had a chance to walk to the courthouse lawn, and I found that this monument was the very last installation I found. It is in the far right front corner of the lawn and actually almost hidden from street signs and foliage.

What upsets me is that the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is always overstepping their bounds! This is the organization responsible for all but eradicating the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and continues to misconstrue the Constitution for the organization’s own agenda of taking religion out of everything. Rodgers says that government property is being used to advocate one religion over another. Well, I don’t see anything on the courthouse lawn that says you should practice Christianity and that you shouldn’t practice another religion if one so chooses.

What these ACLU members fail to acknowledge in their battles that no one commissions them for is this: The Constitution was written by Christians and for a Christian people. Our forefathers were Christian and the only reason there is anything in the Constitution about separation of church and state was simply so that our government would not be run by the church, like had happened in many other countries at that point in history. This was not put into the Constitution to keep any religion from prospering, and toleration is part of Christianity and our Constitution.

This is an attack on religion, Christianity in particular, yet again by the ACLU and one Sarah Rodgers, looking to make her mark among many anti-religious attorneys by using the Constitution against its own people without commission from anyone to do so, and without warrant, without regard for the fact that no one asked them to do so.

Good day, Ms. Sarah Rodgers, and I’m sure Wyoming County would appreciate it if you never return to our area — unless to attend church with us.

Kevin Steele


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