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January 15, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014

When coal is moving, whole state is moving

West Virginia, I have been gathering information about the Mountain State since I graduated Mountain State University in 2007.

As of right now we have over 300 years of coal to help build or create steel, to produce electricity and to create automobiles driven by coal, which the government states will cause too much pollution, which is a lie.

When coal is moving, our whole state is moving. But the rich don’t want that because the economy will be based on competition instead of monopolies like Walmart and their strongholds that they have held on to in West Virginia since the 1920s will be capitalism instead of what seems like socialism each day.

More jobs will be created and more people will turn less and less toward alcohol, pills, etc., because they will work once again and not wait on HUD, welfare and food stamps.

We also have 75 percent forests to build houses, 2 x 4s, etc., creating a whole lot of jobs in that field and we will become a productive state instead of last in everything.

I must also remind you of the abundance of natural gas that also could be distributed across the United States. We also obtain five of the six elements to create chemicals which are also hidden from the Mountaineers by the rich.

I have seen over the last two days eight or 10 alcoholics who are trying to sober up. Pray for them, help them. We need to become one unit praying and working together and I see ahead the last will become first, and first will be last. May God bless our state and every single Mountaineer.

Stephen Hopkins II



Humans aren’t virtual reality creations

This letter is concerning the comments of a local, vocal atheist. His diatribe begged the question “are we simply simulations of life?” Webster’s Dictionary defines “simulate” as “pretend to be.” I can only surmise that he is asking if every human is pretending to be alive.

The comment about testing humans to see if we are virtual reality creations was absolutely ridiculous. What one physicist calls “fitting humans into simulation boxes,” I call brainwashing.

One thing I do agree with is the statement “I’m not Bev Davis and neither are you.” Bev Davis was my Sunday School teacher at Weirwood Community Church in the early 1970s. That woman taught me more about God and human nature than any science book ever could.

Vickie Donell-Williams


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