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February 12, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Feb, 12, 2014

Thanks to white SUV for help when stuck, leading us to motel

Jan. 25-26, Stephanie Tripp and I, co-youth ministers at Buies Creek First Baptist Church, took our youth group to Winterplace.

We stayed at the EconoLodge in Beckley which was only a short drive to Winterplace and the Convention Center, where we were having our banquet and program on Saturday night.

We had never been to Beckley, so we brought a GPS to help with directions. It took us directly to our hotel and directly to Winterplace.

Once it was time to go to the convention center, we had no problem following the GPS directions. We didn’t know that the directions were going to take on “the Chamber of Commerce tour” to get there.

It had snowed all day and was still snowing when we left for the convention center. Our travel agent gave us directions to get back to I-77 without going on backroads, but we were spinning before we got to the first stop sign.

Our driver tried to get us back with the GPS, but it again took us the same route we had taken to get to the convention center.

Less than 10 minutes into our return trip to the hotel, we were stuck. I don’t mean we had run off the road stuck, we were spinning in the middle of the road stuck. Our driver is a professional tractor-trailer driver and we had complete confidence in his abilities, but we were spinning and stuck.

He said that there was nothing else to do but push. The kids and Stephanie started pushing. We would go a short way and would start spinning again. Just in time, a white SUV pulled up behind us and without asking any questions, the driver got out and started pushing.

He would push and then go back and get his car and catch up and push again.  He helped us get to level ground where our driver asked him for directions. He told us to follow him and he would turn on his signal when it was time for us to exit.

We did and to our surprise, our “angel” didn’t go on his way. He turned onto I-77 and continued to our exit. He didn’t stop until he pulled into the EconoLodge parking lot.

We were so blessed that God sent these two angels to us, the SUV driver and his wife. They changed their plans to make sure we got back safely. We were so surprised that they went out of their way, we didn’t think to get their names. This is the only way that we know of to thank them for their generosity. We are from a small town where people look after each other and are glad to see that it still exists in other parts of our country.

 Thank you!

Sherry Hayes

Co-youth minister

Buies Creek First Baptist Church

Buies Creek, N.C.

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