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February 11, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014

Sad Raleigh voters defeated school bond

I can’t begin to explain how disappointing it was to learn the voters of Raleigh County defeated the recent bond. To think we turned away $72 million of school improvements is unbelievable. And on top of that, only $39.5 million of the $72 million came out of our pockets!

I’m sure one of the more forward thinking counties near the Kanawha Valley or the Eastern Panhandle will be smart enough to obtain the money that was earmarked for Raleigh County.

In my opinion, the Board of Education did an excellent job outlining needed projects with this bond call.

Voters have to understand buildings must eventually be replaced. Has anyone noticed the number of portable classroom at Shady Spring High and Middle? Has anyone paid attention to the condition of the three elementary schools that were to be closed and replaced with a new school?

Why would voters disapprove a state-of-the-art Stratton Elementary that would preserve cultural and heritage aspects of the building’s initial use? The original section of Stratton Elementary is approaching 100 years old!  

Students deserve updated schools and technology regardless of “the way things used to be.” It seems in Raleigh County voters made it clear they prefer the past rather than the future at the expense of our students.

Tony Culicerto


Summers taxpayers fed up with assessor

To the property owners and voters of Summers County.

Were you surprised or pleased to get a letter from our assessor telling you that your real estate was worth more than 10 percent or $1,000 more than it was last year? In my case, it was 21 percent and $14,000. Impossible, I say? The assessor has spoken. It is etched in stone.

Don’t waste your time appealing to the board of equalization. It is an automatic rubber stamp. This is from personal experience.

My taxes have more than doubled in five years, before this latest increase. At this rate it won’t be that long before they are redoubled. Where will it end? How are people who are on fixed income supposed to cope? I got no answer from the board or the assessor.

Don’t be mislead that this does not increase your taxes. It is a 99 percent probability that it will.

You need to call our assessor, Greg Vandall at 304-466-7101, and let him know that you are not pleased with his job performance, specifically in relation to the artificial inflation of our property values. He works for and is paid by the taxpayers of Summers County.

Do not be a member of the silent majority! Speak up ! Be heard!

R.D. McMillen

Meadow Bridge

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