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June 28, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, June 28, 2014

Don’t conflate Tea Party with terrorists

I took exception to Anne Michaud’s editorial piece, “Anti-government extremists are stirring unhealthy political brew,” June 23 edition. I took the time to e-mail her to express my discontent with her for comparing the Tea Party with Muslim terrorists, Aryan nation, Nazis and other extreme anti-American groups.

The Tea Party is pro-American 100 percent. It is not anti-government. It is anti-unconstitutional totalitarian government. It was spawned in 2011 by patriotic Americans who were concerned about where this regime was taking the country. The Tea Party wants to stop this ship before it goes over the falls.

If the left is looking for extremists, look no further than their own party, like Occupy Wall Street, hired union thugs and state workers storming Wisconsin’s state Capitol to remove Gov. Scott Walker, and all of their malicious handling of their multitudes of government malfeasance scandals and misconduct and the lies and deceptions to cover them up.

Ms. Michaud has used some of these same tactics to disseminate false information to debase a valiant group of patriotic Americans who want this country returned to its roots.

I received an e-mail back from Ms. Michaud and she somehow concluded that the Millers, who killed the cops, were abetted or influenced by the Tea Party. I think that she invented that inference. That kind of action is completely opposite of what the Tea Party stands for.

Her misleading article is tantamount to negative campaign ads which are somehow effective in penetrating the minds of many Americans.

Glenn McKinney


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