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July 15, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer youth projects in Oak Hill a blessing

Praise God for the Oak Hill Methodist Church on Main Street, Oak Hill, for their summer youth community projects.

These church members, along with church youth groups from other states, came together this summer to perform community projects for those people in need of assistance.

The church paid all costs and provided supervised youth labor groups to perform all types of services to the people.

What an inspiring message for our youth to experience. “True Christians are organized to encourage and help one another.”

Thank you and bless your loving church and all your caring members for this faith, restoring message of giving.

Dwight Shrewsbury



The only true Gospel is that preached by Jesus

Many churches promote a “plan of salvation,” based on Paul’s letters that does not agree with the Gospel Jesus preached, which anyone willing can read for themselves in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John of the New Testament.

Jesus said if any come after Him, preaching a different gospel, we should not listen to them. By comparison, it is plain to see He was talking about Paul, for one.

Paul continues in the rituals and traditions of the Old Testament. Jesus said the New Testament was written in His blood. He said if you believe in Him, you must also believe in His words. He died so you can be saved by following His teachings, which will lead you into heaven.  

Before his name change to Paul, Saul of Tarsus was a destroyer and a disrupter of Christ’s newly forming church.

The same devil who spoke to Eve in the form of a serpent, and entered into Judas, causing him to betray Jesus for money, would also be capable of deceiving Saul on the road to Damascus so he could continue, even after he left the world, to work against the Gospel Jesus preached.

Jesus said many would come in His name, saying they were Christ, but that when He comes, His Glory will shine from the East to the West for all to see.

I am not alone in observing these things. Enter “Does Paul contradict Jesus?” into any Internet search engine and you will receive more than a million responses. But the only reliable confirmation you really need is from the Spirit of Truth Jesus promised to send when He returned to our Father and His.

Jesus said you cannot serve two masters. Neither can you follow two different directions.

So, to anyone who will listen, time spent studying Paul could be spent studying Jesus. And, likewise, any time spent preaching Paul could be spent preaching Jesus. The only true Gospel is that preached by Jesus.

Okey Horton


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