The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

February 17, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013


State residents fell for political advertising

West Virginians must be the most gullible voters on the planet, lacking any political acumen whatsoever. West Virginia just voted out the best attorney general in America by falling for political ads paid for by out-of-state corporate money.

Mr. McGraw brought in over $2 billion to this state by suing big tobacco, scammers and other unethical companies that his opponent, Mr. Morrisey, represented as a lobbyist in D.C.

The monies that McGraw brought in helped to bail out the bankrupt teachers’ retirement fund and aided programs such as workers’ compensation, PEIA and many more too numerous to list here.

I never thought West Virginians would be so stupid as to fall for the deluge of misleading political ads paid for by the very people who were defrauding them. I don’t know why I’m surprised as it seems we are establishing a pattern of voting against our own interests.

West Virginia consumers, beware. Unethical companies and scammers will now have free rein in this state.


Tom Rapp


WVHIT Championship was full of winners

High school basketball fans who traveled to Summersville’s National Guard Armory this past weekend experienced the essence of what is truly good about high school sports — 24 of West Virginia’s Class A public schools competing on a level playing field. In this case a basketball court representing their communities with homegrown players.

After three years, the West Virginia Hometown Invitational Tournament has grown to its present place of prominence on the West Virginia athletic scene, in no large part because of a group of high school coaches with a dream of a competition that would allow everyone involved to compete equally and a work ethic and spirit of cooperation that allowed it to come to fruition, school administrators who allowed them to pursue their goal, and eventually a generous and willing sponsor (Lincoln Primary Care), who shared their desire to celebrate community schools, their athletes and fair competition.

St. Marys and Meadow Bridge claimed their respective division championships this year, but there were no losers in this tournament, only winners: communities, schools, fans, parents, coaches and most importantly student-athletes.

Hats off to all who made this wonderful event happen! 2014 WVHIT promises to be even bigger and better!

Ed McCall