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January 25, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Jan. 25, 1013


Guns enable people to have protection

Lately the media are all abuzz about “assault weapons” and their usefulness in “hunting.”

The so-called “assault weapons” are NOT assault weapons, but gas-operated, semi-automatic, detachable magazine-fed rifles.

These rifles operate the exact same way as a Browning BAR, Remington Woodsmaster or Ruger Deerfield which many sportsmen take to the woods with them every fall.

The only differences are the military “looks.”

A true “assault weapon” is selective fire.

Our Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, it’s about defending yourself, family and possessions from harm.

I hear people saying, “You don’t need 30 rounds to kill a deer.”

It’s not about deer and YES! Thirty rounds may be needed. Recently, Sandy devastated New Jersey and Staten Island. People were living in uninhabitable houses drenched in sewage and fuel oil attempting to save whatever valuables they may have had left from looters.

New Orleans after Katrina, especially with government forces confiscating legally owned firearms from citizens attempting to protect their valuables while the looters were taking shots at rescue workers.

I have seen the riots of the 1960s, Los Angeles riots, Cincinnati riots. It CAN and WILL HAPPEN AGAIN.

We saw how the Korean-American shop owners protected their stores from looters and from being burned in L.A. with their AR rifles.

When we were hit by the derecho that left many of us without power for days/weeks, we acted like true West Virginians.

Imagine being without power in Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., for any length of time.

The sad part is these are all places where firearm restrictions are severe, so the citizens will not have protection from the mayhem that will certainly happen.

It’s not about “hunting” and the three-round deer rifle is not going to get the job done in a riot situation.

We don’t need more restrictions on law-abiding citizens; what is needed is some serious enforcement on the laws now on the books.

Almost every mass murder with a firearm happens in “gun free zones.”

In all of them just one person with a concealed carry piece could have changed history.

That’s my two cents.

Charles Mitchell


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