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December 22, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012


Everyone should know about gift

While standing in the check-out line at Walmart this morning, I started talking and laughing with the lady in line behind me. When my groceries had been scanned and bagged, I saw one of the lady’s purchases come through. I said, “That isn’t mine.”

The checker said, “Yours are paid for.”

 I thought she was kidding, and had my card ready to swipe. She again said, “They are paid for.”

My new friend behind me said, “Merry Christmas!”

Wow! We hugged each other, and on the way out, I had to tell everyone I met — now I want to tell everyone else!


Jean Flint


‘Merry Christmas’ celebrates birthday

When did folks decide to replace saying “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays”?

The first six letters of CHRISTmas say it all. Christmas is about Jesus Christ. Christmas cannot be found at the mall; not an ounce of compassion can be found on a department store shelf, nor love or kindness, or goodwill.

The greatest gift to mankind was given to us from God in a lowly cattle stall. If one does not know Jesus the Christ, then Christmas is just a ritual of shopping and spending to fill a void that cannot be filled without Christ as Savior of all.

No wonder depression is increased this time of the year.

Because we do not say Merry Christmas does not change the fact that it is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. We have taught our children to believe in a fictional character called Santa instead of teaching them about God’s only Son going from the cradle to the cross to save us from our eternal damnation.

Because the Ten Commandments have been removed from places does not change the fact that there are still Ten Commandments. Because prayer is not allowed in schools does not mean that someone in school is not praying. Because children have been taught that Easter is about the bunny does not make it so.

Because a few atheists are offended by Merry Christmas does not make me say Happy Holidays. It is the American way to fly our flags, celebrate Christ, put out our Nativity Scenes, say In God We Trust and ... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Evangeline Stover

Shady Spring

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