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July 7, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Sunday, July 7, 2013

Medical care is corporate, unfeeling

One veteran complained to me that he has been going to the VA Medical Center and has not seen a doctor for almost a year. Someone in authority told him, yes, you have the right to demand to see a physician once a year. Once a year?

He received a manual for the use of diabetic supplies written in a foreign language, which he cannot read.

Coal miners know how corporations and bureaucrats made life difficult. A sizable number of medical doctors are simply employees of one or another corporation.

The corporate mission is to produce profits, more unnecessary lab tests, CT scans, cardiac cath, stents, pacemakers. In the past, a routine lab test done by a doctor’s office cost patients $25 to $30, but courtesy of the hospital industry, now you pay $350.

Pharmaceutical companies, with help from the medical profession, have been raping American consumers for years. They bribe doctors to market their expensive brands.

Most hospitals own their medical staff (they are employers), so few want to make any changes and nothing happens.

Recently, an award-winning journalist shared the story of the last few months of her late husband, who died of cancer — 97 CT scans, 27 different doctors in three days, over $1 million in costs. If they knew the outcome, they would not have gone through so much waste, duplication of services, carelessness, too many doctors’ tests, expensive medicine — for what? A false hope and promise.

The medical profession is thoughtless, less caring, unholy expensive and, somewhere, lost its humanist touch.

“Obamacare” coming is nothing but a false hope, by doorkeepers of Corporate America.

Next time you go to a “medical center” and only see a nurse, call it Nursing Home General, and your appointment card should say so. Health care is a commodity delivered by a Health Care Provider (what is that?). Something wrapped in a white jacket with black plastic tubes sticking out of the ears and a flipped name tag.

The canary bird didn’t die, but was swallowed by corporate dinosaurs.

So, my brother, I pray for thee. May God save us from “OBAMACARE.”

Dr. Hassan Amjad


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