The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

December 6, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, December 6, 2013

Why are gas prices so high in Beckley?

Gas prices rise to an average of $3.33 a gallon in our state but you can always depend on Beckley to take the lead on keeping prices higher.

My question to the editor, who is controlling the prices in Beckley? Is it one person, or more than one? The little people would like to know whom do we thank for the extra cost during the holiday seasons?

Don’t be put on the naughty list for Christmas.

Just my opinion from one of the little people.

Curtis Gunnoe


Here’s why I think gas is so high here

I will try to answer the man’s question as to why gas prices are higher in Beckley.

It’s quite simple —  “price fixing.” All dealers in this area agree on a set price and none had better be even 1 cent lower!

It’s the same as framing lumber was in the boom years of the 1970s. No matter where you went, all prices were the same.

Also, ever notice how prices rise 4 to 5 and 10 cents a gallon, and only fall at 1 to 2 and 3 cents a gallon and always go up on holiday week? Although the price per barrel is still the same as last six weeks! It is greed at its best!

But this is only minor as to what the hell this government has for us in the future. Vote them out!

Bill Redden


Washington to blame for coal’s slowdown

“Can’t Afford to Live — Can’t Afford to Die”

My livelihood is gradually, but “seemingly surely” being stripped away from me and others like me. At age 55, rapidly reaching retirement age, but slowly being able to add to my funding for this, because I’ve signed up on unemployment five times in two years.

Since the onset of the most recent slowdown of the coal market, the industry that has for so long provided for me and others before me, is literally being killed by the tree-hugging bureaucracy in Washington who are “so-called” leading our once great nation.

Why can’t we emphasize world peace, address hunger in our own backyard, get jobs for those of us willing to work and leave this global warming thing alone, and let coal miners work? I am confused about affordable health care, so to the president, my question is, does it include a death policy?

’Cause I can’t afford to die.

Johnny Massey

Oak Hill