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May 23, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sexual perversions, murder are sins to God

Has it occurred to pro-choice abortion advocates (pro-fetal death advocates) that their very existence is dependent upon a mother who was pro-life, one who held to the sanctity of life which began at conception?

Has it occurred to gay advocates that they are not the product of homosexual unions? Homosexuality cannot propagate life. Homosexuals must attribute their existence to heterosexuals who did not practice homosexuality. Their mothers were anti-abortion.

Homosexuality is a choice — a perverted one. Homosexuals may seek to attribute their chosen sexual preference to some pre-disposition or unfortunate experiences during developing years. But humans possess intellect and will as well as the ability to control emotion. Past experiences and conditioning cannot be used to justify improper, or unjust, or unnatural, or morally reprehensible, or criminal behavior.

The Bible identifies our human predicament, propensities and problems. We naturally want our own self-centered gratification, often doing that which is displeasing to persons of moral rectitude and sensibilities, as well as to the supreme lawgiver and judge, the creator.

He, remarkably, has made provision for humans to experience a change in desires and direction. It is called regeneration. In addition, He has instilled conscience, a moral compass that points to marriage between one man and one woman as that which is natural and normal. Sex, a gift from the creator, is designed for unity, pleasure and procreation within the bonds of marital commitment. The family is still the basic building block of society.

The vociferous, vocal, bellicose screamings of homosexuals for recognition as “proper, normal, accepted behavior” appear little more than a desire to assuage a troubled conscience.

Does God hate homosexuals and abortionists? Or I hate them? Since they are persons who are in need of regeneration, the answer is no. God loved sinful mankind enough to make provision for reclamation and redemption at a tremendous cost to Himself. It took place at Calvary two millennia ago. The Bible contains the record.

Love in its basic, God-concerned sense means to seek the highest good for the object of affection. God loves the sinner (wrongdoer) but hates and rejects the sinful action. God has declared both sexual perversion and murder as sin.

Joseph Pinter


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