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April 30, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Friends don’t let friends vote stupid

“I did not leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.” That’s how Ronald Reagan explained his becoming a Republican in 1962. He was way ahead of his time.

Some may believe that candidates who switch parties do so just to get elected. I’m sure there are some that do, but with the direction our country is moving in right now, I’m surprised there is a Democratic Party at all!

Our president promised that he was going to “fundamentally change America.” Well, now we are faced with the challenge to start fundamentally changing it in a different direction again. “Back” is not an option.

His first two years in office were accompanied by a rubber stamping Democratic controlled Nancy Pelosi House and Harry Reid Senate that caused all that change to start happening. Since then, the only positive step in the last three years has been the switch to a divided, marginally effective Republican House that has attempted to stop the “Change.”

They get a passing grade of a C- in my book, but I grade easy.

The National Democratic Party stands for the death of coal, the deterioration of American exceptionalism, socialized medicine, a welfare driven economy, state controlled schools, the destruction of the nuclear family and medicinal marijuana.

Wow, what a future! Take my doctor away, issue me an Obamaphone and pass the peace pipe!

At the local level, Democrats have been in control for so long there is a deep trench dug around Charleston. The statehouse is totally fossilized when it comes to ideas to solve problems. However, we do have a delegate with two recent DUIs pushing for medical marijuana.

At election time, they hand out rose-colored glasses, blinders and voter registration cards. I am a forgiving person and attempt to not dislike anybody and keep my mind open. But it is insane to think that the political theory and policies that got us here will also fix the problems that they undeniably have caused.

It’s true that somebody has to come in last place, but why does it always have to be us? A recent BHI study (10 April 2014) compared 46 indicators to determine ratings for state economic growth and income. West Virginia came in 48th place. The good news? We suck less than Hawaii and Mississippi.

I alluded in the first paragraph to Evan Jenkins following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan (and a few other West Virginian candidates as well). I don’t follow any Pied Piper. I want to know where he stands on the issues and what he is specifically going to do on Day One and I want to hear it over and over again. I’m tired of politicians telling me it’s raining when something else is falling on my head.

Remember, friends don’t let friends vote stupid.


Paul Dorsey

Green Valley


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