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April 15, 2014

Show some love for wounded soldiers

Show some love for wounded soldiers

The Republicans suggested methods for dealing with shooting problems that may take place on any military base like it did at Fort Hood.

It is sad, shameful, cruel and nothing no true American should be proud of.

For anyone to suggest giving all personnel on a base a permit to arm themselves with a handgun and be prepared to kill any unfortunate soldier who may react because of a brain problem created while fighting a war, shameful.

It would be more beneficial and humane to build something like nursing homes and places where a soldier with brain, emotional problems, created by wars, could be assigned and their condition closely watched instead of killing them.

Even Republicans should realize those troubled soldiers are America’s children we had trained day after day: When you see the enemy, shoot to kill.

And they should realize any with brain injuries and emotional problems are subject to see the enemy at home, on a base or in a town — all caused by fighting wars for us, and Republicans’ cure is just kill them.

So I say to them, forget gun lobbyists and show some love for wounded soldiers for a change.

James McGraw


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Our Readers Speak