The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

April 16, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Animal control officer won’t help reader

Duties of an animal control officer: removing abused and neglected animals from their homes; providing care for injured, stray, unwanted or ill animals; investigating cruelty cases; dog bite claims; wild animal encounters; and issuing citations when people do not adhere to the laws concerning animals.

Yet, I have called numerous times concerning the wild coyotes that are walking around like they own my back yard and have been told “there is nothing we can do.”

I have stray cats living under my house that have ripped up my furnace vents and are now living in them. This is creating health problems and some of my family, including my 3-year-old grandson, are allergic to cats. Breathing issues occur when my family tries to come and visit me. Not to mention now I have to replace all my furnace ducts and really can’t afford to do it.

I pay taxes in this county and I don’t understand why there isn’t any help when you need it. Do I wait until my grandson is in the emergency room from not being able to breathe due to allergic reaction to stray cats or do I wait until a coyote attacks my family, myself or my dogs?

Can someone please tell me who can help with this problem since obviously the service that is supposed to do it is useless. 

Melissa Perry


We put them in; we can take them out

I read in the paper that all they got done down in Charleston was a seatbelt law. We have had a seatbelt law for about 15 years. It is up to you if you don’t put your belt on; you don’t need someone to tell you.

And up in Washington all they can do is talk about guns.

The whole U.S. is in a mess. Nobody will talk to each other. We need to replace every one that is in office. There are enough old people on Social Security to vote them out.

They said they wanted the pills off the streets but the pills are still out there, but all the old people can’t get any to help them live now.

So all I can say is we put you in office and we can take you out. We will remember you when it’s time to vote.

Grover L. Adkins

Oak Hill

Enforce the existing gun control laws first

“You will have to pass it before you find out what’s in it.” Remember that?

We all agree that the convicted felon and the mentally insane should not have access to a firearm. The convicted felon is currently prohibited from possessing a firearm, but they get them anyway. So much for that!

Mental illness is measured in degrees. At what point between the slightly depressed to the criminally insane will the line be drawn? And who will draw it?

Some of our returning war veterans are suffering from PTSD. Vietnam veterans were even spit on and called names by the same ilk that are clamoring for our guns. Will these spitting protesters draw the line?

Do you “have to pass it to find out what’s in it”?

None of the proposals before Congress would have saved those children in Connecticut or Colorado. Enforce what we have and leave the rest alone.

Daniel Wright