The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 15, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, March 15, 2013


Mountaintop removal destroys, pollutes

As a concerned citizen and mother, I would like to bring to your attention the dangers of mountaintop removal mining and the urgent steps we need to take to protect our nation’s Appalachian Mountains and people, before it is too late.

Mountaintop removal not only destroys and pollutes waterways and eliminates wildlife, but it also affects families’ and communities' access to clean water and uncontaminated air and seriously threatens their health.

Our government leaders must act now.

First, the president and the Environmental Protection Agency need to follow the robust science and set a strong, binding clean water rule that will prevent the pollution and destruction of waterways by mountaintop removal mining waste.

Second, Congress must pass the Appalachian Community Health Emergency (ACHE) Act, which will thoroughly analyze the impact of mountaintop removal on the health of people who live near it, including the higher rates of birth defects, cancer and early death that have occurred in communities near these mines.

I believe we have an obligation to preserve our national heritage for future generations, including our mountains and vital waterways, and to ensure that Appalachian communities are not bearing the brunt of our nation’s unsustainable energy decisions.

Aimee Rist


Teachers unions want parents to pay up

How come my child keeps coming home with literature about the newest and greatest fundraising opportunity out there?

She has carried in literature to buy llamas. Then there was a penny war where I was to give up all the pennies in my house, and candy sales for who knows what. I have donated clothing, time and money out of my pocket in order for my kid not to feel ostracized because she doesn’t participate.

Why do I pay property taxes, the majority of which goes to fund Raleigh County schools, if I am continually asked to give a little more every other week my child attends class?

If the school were to tell me they were going to pay to have the school professionally cleaned so all the different illnesses that have cost me hundreds of dollars in medical bills were to be cleaned up, I may be a little more free with my wallet.

But no, the school system wants to buy a llama for somebody on the other side of the planet.

If I knew that public taxpayer-funded school were going to cost this much, then I would have paid to put her in a decent private school.

Heck, the only thing that I wanted to send and couldn’t were traditional Christmas goodies. It seems that the only thing that a kid can have around the holidays at Daniels Elementary is a bag of celery and carrots or if the parents buy enough for the entire class they can have bananas, grapes and strawberries.

I guess the teachers unions’ just want the parents that have real jobs to pay their fair share, according to their liberalized union ideology.

Scott Erskine


Car insurance in W.Va. needs fixed

This is for all West Virginians who have a car or truck. West Virginia makes you have uninsured motorists insurance on your car and truck. But if someone hit your car or truck and does about $499, they won’t pay for it. Now the insurance company has put a $500 deductible on so you pay the first $500. Say you have a new car and they break a window out and it’s $498; you have to pay for it. There used to be no deductible on it so everybody should look at your policy. This needs to be fixed. We are paying for this and it doesn’t help when someone damages your car or truck.

Grover Adkins

Oak Hill