The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

November 16, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Nov. 16, 2012

Results of election: Playing for keeps

— I want to start by commending the county clerk and her staff on the job they did on the election; they were like Subway, you could watch everything going on.

I, too, want to commend the Republican Party that operates like a fine-oiled machine. Regardless of what Mr. Mannix has forgotten, they pushed breaking up the 27th District hard. Remember the article Mr. O’Neal had in the paper “What’s The Big Deal on Redistricting”? And Mr. Snuffer’s threat to sue if no breakup? Maloney said he, as governor, would veto any redistricting that was not broken into 100 single districts. All this is fact, not my opinion; look it up.

In my opinion, what a Democrat has to endure when running for office in Raleigh County: You have to beat your opponent who doesn’t care where they get their funding, like Mr. O’Neal and Mr. Snuffer taking money from Massey at the last election just months after 29 lives were lost here. You have to beat the people who write the news and spin the facts. Beat the religious right hiding behind the “right for life” and the big money Republican Party that wants to make you believe that all Democrats are heathens and tie you to abortions and gays. Unlike before, there are a few debates now so you cannot compare the candidates.

The Republican Party is slick; I feel they have infiltrated our Democrat executive committee and destroyed it.

I see a future life in West Virginia with less protection of our rights with a new Attorney General and even a right to work “for less” state eventually.

My suggestion, real Democrats be wary of some people with D’s behind their names and start working now like the Republicans.

Melvin Kessler