The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

January 23, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rahall is wrong to demonize atheists

U.S. Rep. Nick (St. Nick, he thinks) Rahall represents West Virginia’s Third Congressional District. However, he doesn’t bother to represent all of it.

Have you ever heard him say a kind word about atheists? Has he ever praised our contributions to charity and good causes? Perhaps he needs glasses to see us by.

Yet every chance he gets he makes it crystal clear that if we are citizens of “his” state then we are made of inferior stuff and thus are second-class citizens.

He ought to wear the Crown of Buffoons because that is exactly what he becomes when he puts on his holier-than-thou hat and starts a rant on how merrier and lovable Christians are next to any other groups.

He blows his horn on helping to pass legislation and allowing prayers “back” into schools and our communities. Holy smokes! Praying and Christian activities have never left the schools! I was forced to read from dear old King James at Sabine Grade School!

Does he really believe only atheists do bad things and ought to be spanked and sent to a corner? Does he believe atheists never donate time or money; that we are forever hatching some evil scheme to distribute drugs and cause mass mayhem on West Virginia streets? Well, hush my mouth, honey child! Mothers frighten their children by even saying that monster Atheist!

Like it or not, Mr. Rahall is suppose to represent us all: as it states in the U.S. Constitution and “our” Bill of Rights. Don’t place yourself on a podium above us all: You don’t belong!

Read between his godly lines: when he talks of elevating the hope, potential and lives of “our not-so-well-off neighbors” he speaks of Christians; when he speaks of warm hearts, he means only Christian hearts, when he speaks of freedoms for all, he speaks a little louder for him and his Christians, and if he has seen a single atheist do a good thing, it must have been by mistake or fickle chance — since out of a million million we get it right.

You’ve done many good things, Mr. Rahall. But when you spurn us (by demonizing us) you do a disservice to these United States, West Virginia and the Truth (god or godless).


Lonnie Bailey