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June 25, 2014

Flower children have grown up to be leaders

— Pretty soon I will be 60-plus years old and in my lifetime I have seen change that, as I look back, I can’t believe.

Back in the early ’60s, I saw the flower child movement. Living in a coal camp in West Virginia it didn’t affect us; we just watched on black-and-white TV and read about it in the paper. It was real, but to us it was like a movie. Free love, drugs and all the crazy things that went on was the big thing in the happening places around our country.

Now, 50 years later, you see what we have. These are the leaders in our business and our nation. The great leaders of the past have given away to what we have now. Look at our nation. I don’t have to say any more. Russia dictating the morals of today’s society and where are we?

The greatest resource of America, the workforce, is all but gone because of outsourcing jobs to other countries, all because of greed.

So now we wonder why we have a national drug problem. Could it be because people have too much time on their hands because of no jobs?

And where are our leaders? They are running around with their hands in the pockets of the lobbyists. And why? Because of greed; what’s in if for me?

It’s not just one party. It’s everyone in D.C.

So where does it stop? I don’t know, but it will one day and God take care of us when it happens.

Gary Estep



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Our Readers Speak